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VALVOSPAIN is a manufacturer of High Specification Industrial Valves for Oil & Gas, LNG and Power generation projects.

We are a leading company in the design, manufacturing, assembly, testing and supply of project oriented high specification valves.

We manufacture a wide range of Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Plug, Butterfly, and other specialty valves.

  • Lazaro Ituarte Valves
  • Fluval
  • MTS Valves

Design and engineering

The commamd of the design and the own technology are a key identity signal of the Valvospain Group. We have our own designs. Moreover, with a philosophy of customer orientation, we offer a great capacity of adapt our designs to the needs and particular problems of our customers. In order to make it, we have the advanced design tools as:

  • Design Software 2D y 3D (Solidworks, CreoElements Drafting, CreoElements Modeling, Autodesk AutoCad).
  • Finite Elements for structural calculation(Solidworks).
  • Finite Elements for Fluid Simulation (Autodesk CFDesign).

Design and engineering

Our engineers and designers have a big experience in the design of Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Plug and Butterfly valves for general as well as special services, empowering the Valvospain Group the capacity to supply integral projects. Some of the special types of valves are:

  • Ball valves with overlay for your service (gas with high content of H2S )
  • Cryogenic Ball valves, Split Body & Top Entry
  • “Pressure Seal” Bonnet Gate, Globe and Check Valves
  • Control Globe valves
  • Triple Offset High Performance Butterfly valves
  • “Dual Expanding Double Block & Bleed” Plug Valves

Design and engineering

Some provisions available for our customers:

  • Seismic calculations.
  • Structural calculations against win loads and other external demand loads.
  • Cv calculations, velocity profiles and fluid pressure profiles, recirculating áreas and pressure drop.
  • Customized engineered solutions (Manouvre columns, extensions, multi-hole plates…).
  • Technical Assistance in the selection of the type of valve more suitable for each service.