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VALVOSPAIN is a manufacturer of High Specification Industrial Valves for Oil & Gas, LNG and Power generation projects.

We are a leading company in the design, manufacturing, assembly, testing and supply of project oriented high specification valves.

We manufacture a wide range of Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Plug, Butterfly, and other specialty valves.

  • Lazaro Ituarte Valves
  • Fluval
  • MTS Valves

Contract Review, Planning and Documentation Management

When the order is received at VALVOSPAIN, we make a Contract Review to verify that the Purchase Order match with the quotation made by us, and we ensure that all the scope of supply and all the technical, quality and documentation requirements and all the applicable specifications are included into the Contract Review.

Contract Review, Planning and Documentation Management

After the Contract Review, we make the planning and scheduling of all the milestones of the management, and of all the processes of manufacturing as well as design, engineering, purchasing and documentation.

An internal Project Manager is named, who is the single person of contact with the customer, and in charge to control and distribute all the flow of communication and information between the factory and the customer (documentation control, information, project status, and, in general, all kind of communications).