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VALVOSPAIN is a manufacturer of High Specification Industrial Valves for Oil & Gas, LNG and Power generation projects.

We are a leading company in the design, manufacturing, assembly, testing and supply of project oriented high specification valves.

We manufacture a wide range of Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Plug, Butterfly, and other specialty valves.

  • Lazaro Ituarte Valves
  • Fluval
  • MTS Valves


The VALVOSPAIN Group and the companies which conform it, are customer oriented and aim to provide quality service during all the process of relationship with the customer: from the quotation preparation (or even before inquiry is issued) to the product supply, through all the phases, from the Purchase Order receipt through all the manufacturing process.

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Moreover, we keep supporting our customers after the supply of the valves, during all the life cycle of the valves by means of our services of On Site Technical Assistance, Spares supply and Training.

On Site Technical Assistance Service

The companies of the VALVOSPAIN Group do offer a On Site Technical Assistance Service and On Site Engineering for the maintenance and repair of the valves manufactured by the companies of the Group.

Our team of engineers and technicians has a big experience in the solving of problems at site.

Our capacities include:

  • Assembly supervision
  • Comissioning
  • Repair of breakdowns
  • Analysis and Reseach of breakdowns
  • Actuator regulation and settings
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Supply of Original Spares

    The companies of the VALVOSPAIN Group do guarantee the supply of original spare parts for the valves manufactured and supplied by group companies.


    VALVOSPAIN Group do offer Training Courses and Seminars in Valves for our customers.

    For more details, please see the After sales service section of this Web.