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VALVOSPAIN is a manufacturer of High Specification Industrial Valves for Oil & Gas, LNG and Power generation projects.

We are a leading company in the design, manufacturing, assembly, testing and supply of project oriented high specification valves.

We manufacture a wide range of Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Plug, Butterfly, and other specialty valves.

  • Lazaro Ituarte Valves
  • Fluval
  • MTS Valves


We manufacture the valves in all type of cast and forged steels.

Carbon Steels
for General Service
A105, A106
Alloy Steels
for Low Temperature
Alloy Steels
for High Temperature
WC6, WC9, C5, C12, C12A
F11, F22, F5A, F9, F91, F92
Martensitic and ferritic-martensitic steels
for General Service
CA15, CA6NM, F6A
Austenitic Stainless Steels
for General Service, High and Low Temperature, Corrosion Resistance
CF8, CF8M, CF8C, CG8M, CF3, CF3M, CF3C
F304, F316, F321, F347, F304L, F316L, F316H, F321L, F317
Superaustenitic High Alloys
for Corrosion Resistance
CN7M (Alloy 20), CK3MCuN, 254 SMO, 654 SMO,
Alloy 20, F44
Duplex and SuperDuplex Alloys A890 Gr.1A (CD4MCu), A890 Gr.4A (CD3MN),
A890 Gr.5A (CE3MN), A890 Gr.6A (CD3MWCuN)
S31803, S32760, F44, F51, F53, F55
Nickel Base Alloys Inconel 625 (A494 CW-6MC), Incoloy 825 (A494 CU5MCuC),
Hastelloy B (A494 N-12MV), Hastelloy C (A494 CW-12MW), Monel (A494-M-35-1)

In the below "Materials Table " link, the "Materials " table is available for download, wich contains more details of the range of materials that we can supply.